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"Time Out!" / GTP

August 23, 2012


Zig Zag Productions has signed a partnership deal with Japanese creative agency Yoshimoto to collaborate on formats.

Yoshimoto and Zig Zag will create and develop new formats that are principally targeted for the U.K. and international markets, but can first be developed, sold and aired in Japan.

Danny Fenton, Zig Zag CEO, said: “The deal is a significant one in Japanese TV culture as Japan generally does not remake or acquire Western content.

We are co-producing with Japanese producers and broadcasters and have sold a pilot to Kansai TV.

The inspiration is Zig Zag’s original idea for a physical game show “Time Out!”. We have creatively re-developed it for Japan and will shoot simultaneously for the Japanese and English-speaking market. The challenge here is finding a creative that works for both because, stylistically, they could not be more different.”

Zig Zag’s USA’s Vice President, Matt Gould produced the effort in Japan along with L.A. & Tokyo based producer-director Rich DiPirro, who has worked with Yoshimoto on similar co-productions.

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