The Show

Premiere  August 30, 2004

Season 1:  2004-2005


Hosted by Fredro Starr and Kel Mitchell “Dance 330” is a modern hip-hop series in which different dancers from the studio audience compete in an insane combination of attitude, humor, and wild dance moves.ling some of the best moments of the show is still being planned.

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Network: Syndication

Production Company: Paramount Domestic Television, CtotheB Productions

Host: Kel Mitchell, Fredro Starr, DJ K-Sly

Executive Producer: Claude Brooks

Director: Rich DiPirro


Dance 360

The Show

The show's title comes from the circle on the dance floor where the dancers competed.  Five episodes were taped each day with hundreds of dancers all vying for their chance to battle in the 3-6-0!  

The energy was frenetic in-studio and on-screen creating a unique and fast-tempo direction which amped up the energy while showcasing the dance moves.

Claude Brooks executive produced with Richard Brian DiPirro directing.  On the final day of taping, Brooks and DiPirro battled it out on-stage in a dance-off that can only be described as a slaughter.  Luckily, no video records of this event have survived.

With DJ K-Sly providing the beats for the dancers they compete head-to-head with the best two dancers progressing to the final round where one will be chosen as the best dancer in the 3-6-0. Judging was shown by audience applause and rated on the “noise meter”.

Rating extremely well in urban markets, the syndicated show from from Paramount was a hit across the country.  Even to this day, fans, old and new, are still calling for it’s return to television.

In the meantime the show lives on in countless clips online. A DVD release compiling some of the best moments of the show is still being planned.